I have been painting since childhood. For me it was primarily a hobby, source of joy, a way of relaxation and a means of expressing my inner feelings. I have been painting intensely for the past few years, it has gradually become my main profession.  

Since childhood I have spent a lot of time walking through nature, which is an endless inspiration for me. I like to look at the plants, details of their flowers, leaves, exploring different structures and fragrances. I always find and learn something new. 

My attraction to plants and nature itself was reflected in my later studies. I studied biology at the Faculty of Education of the Charles University in Prague and then garden and landscape architecture in the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. I have completed also the Permaculture Design Course. 

As garden architect I could during my study internship in the Netherlands and following working experiences in England participate in interesting projects. I made for example pen drawings of medicinal plants of Western Sahara for the book Plantas Medicinales Saharaui or hand drawn maps for the book Exploring The Upper Dulong River



I love flowers and painting them brings me great joy. I prefer to paint freely what touches my heart but I like to participate also on interesting projects. I illustrate children´s books, booklets and create herbal illustrations for wide range of herbal products. I also contribute to  various articles dedicated to gardening and plants and create fine gift items with my illustrations (bags, memory game, jewelry etc.). A number of illustrations was created together with poetic poems of my partner Vojta Fajfr. 

The painting theme is changing over time. You can see my complete artwork in the Gallery

In 2018 I was invited by Society of Artists of Botanical Arts in Russia to their annual exhibition of botanical art called "Plants. Myths and Legends." The exhibition took place in Moscow, I displayed here some of my artworks and gave a masterclass on large scaled botanical paintings. 

Since 2019 I am a member of American Society of Botanical Artists and also a Fellow member of Society of botanical artists in England and Wales. 

Most of my artwork is for sale in the form of Limited Edition Prints. I sell also the original artwork and offer illustrations for license use.