• Celebrating Silver ASBA Catalog, contribution to the catalog with the painting ´Dandelions´, published in October 2019

  • SBA Fellow Member (Membership in The Society of Botanical Artists of England and Wales)
  • painting ´Tulips´ chosen for panel presentation for ASBA's 2019 Annual Meeting called Beyond Accuracy: Creating Art, held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • presentation of artworks in The Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Czech Republic, September 2019
  • ASBA Membership (American society of botanical artists)
  • SBA ´Plantae´ Exhibition, 5th - 9th June, 2019, Mall Galleries, London (International exhibition of botanical art)


  • ´Plants. Myths and Legends´, 5. annual exhibition of botanical art, November 1st - 11th November 2018, Moscow, Russia, Invitation by SABA (Russian Botanical Artists), exhibiting and leading a masterclass

"Plants, Myths and Legends", Moscow, Russia, 2018 Invitation to 5th annual exhibition of botanical art

Master-class on Large scale botanical illustration  Moscow, Russia, 2018

"Plantae", London, UK, 2019                             Exhibition of botanical art (SBA)

Celebrating Silver Catalog                                    published by ASBA, (USA, 2019)