• 8th International Botanical Art Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea, 7. 6. - 13. 6. 2021, Ulsan Culture & Art Center, Ulsan, South Korea


  • 7th International Botanical Art Invitation, Seoul, South Korea, 28. 7. - 2. 8. 2021, Ulsan Culture & Art Center, Ulsan, South Korea
  • Exhibition of botanical paintings - Peonies and Irises, 19. - 27. 6. 2021, Saint Petersburg Botanical Garden, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Painting ´Dandelion Rings´ used for the poster of ´Plantae 2021´ Exhibiton, UK
  • SBA ´Plantae 2021´ Exhibition, 4th - 18th June, 2021, Mall Galleries, London (International exhibition of botanical art)
  • The art of Contemplation, Invitation to The Sixth St. Petersburg Exhibition of Botanical Art, 3. - 18. April 2021, St. Petersburg, Russia


  • Abundant Future: Cultivating Diversity in Garden, Farm and Field. The Fourth New York Botanical Garden Triennial, October 2020 - February 2021 (tentative)

  • SBA ´Plantae 2020´ Exhibition, 3rd - 30th June, 2020, Mall Galleries, London (International exhibition of botanical art)


  • International Botanical Art Show Seoul Korea 2019, 16th - 24th Nov, 2019, KEPCO Art Center Gallery, Seoul, Korea and 3rd - 9th Dec, 2019, Ulsan Culture & Art Center, Ulsan, Korea, Honorable Mentions Award

  • Celebrating Silver ASBA Catalog, contribution to the catalog with the painting ´Dandelions´, published in October 2019, USA

  • SBA Fellow Member (Membership in The Society of Botanical Artists of England and Wales)
  • Painting ´Tulips´ chosen for panel presentation for ASBA's 2019 Annual Meeting called Beyond Accuracy: Creating Art, held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  • presentation of artworks in The Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Czech Republic, September 2019
  • ASBA Membership (American society of botanical artists)
  • SBA ´Plantae 2019´ Exhibition, 5th - 9th June, 2019, Mall Galleries, London (International exhibition of botanical art)


  • ´Plants. Myths and Legends´, 5. annual exhibition of botanical art, November 1st - 11th November 2018, Moscow, Russia, Invitation by SABA (Russian Botanical Artists), exhibiting and leading a masterclass

8th Internation Botanical Art Invitation 2022, Seoul, South Korea

7th Internation Botanical Art Invitation 2021, Seoul, South Korea 

Exhibiton of Botanical Paintings - Peonies and Irises, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2021

"Plantae 2021", London, UK, 2021                                                Exhibition of botanical art (SBA) 

"The Art of Contemplation", St. Petersburg, Russia, 2021          Invitation to The 6th International exhibition of botanical art

SBA Fellow Membership diploma, 2019

Master-class on Large scale botanical illustration  Moscow, Russia, 2018

"Plantae 2019", London, UK, 2019                                           Exhibition of botanical art (SBA)

Celebrating Silver Catalog published by ASBA, (USA, 2019) 

"Plantae 2020", London, UK, 2020                                   Exhibition of botanical art (SBA) 

International Botanical Art Show Seoul Korea 2019 

"Plants, Myths and Legends", Moscow, Russia, 2018         Invitation to The 5th annual exhibition of botanical art

Honorable Mention Award, Seoul, Korea, 2019