I was born in small town called Jihlava, in the Czech Republic. Since I was a child I spend a lot of time walking in nature, where I find a lot of inspiration. In my artwork there are combined natural motives with fairytale fantasy world. I studied biology at Faculty of Education and landscape architecture, two professions, which connect my two big joys - creating and working with and for children and unending fascination and inspiration by nature. As a garden architect I got experiences with graphic design, fast sketches and also detailed drawings. During my studies in Holland and following working experince in England I had the opportunity to work on various interesting projects. I made for example pen drawings of aromatic plants of Western Sahara for the book Plantas Medicinales Saharaui or drawn maps for a the book The Upper Dulong River. 

      Drawing goes with me since childhood. It has always been mainly a hobby, joy and a way of relaxation and expressing my feelings.  More intensely I draw last several years. I prefer free style, but I enjoy also participating on interesting projects such was for example making comic concertina book for children or illustrations for children books Fairy Violet, About rainbow fairies and comet NO and book of poetry called Srdculienka. I use my artwork also to make decorative items and gifts, which you can find in section Products. I contribute to scientific publications and articles too.